Everything companies need to deliver virtual care

Launch, grow, or sustain a competitive telehealth service with Wheel. Here, you get access to a 50-state network of virtual care clinicians through our white-labeled platform or plug-and-play API that powers your brand of the highest-quality virtual care.

Move faster, serve more patients on demand, and maximize your margins while delivering on your brand promise — all with Wheel.

How Wheel works in 60 seconds

Wheel connects companies and clinicians to deliver the highest-quality virtual care at scale.

Find your momentum with Wheel

Guaranteed Instant Care Response
Average Clinical Quality Score
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At Wheel, clinicians come first

Whether your goal is to earn more money, gain flexible family time, or learn new skills for virtual care delivery, Wheel puts clinicians first. More earning potential, diverse patient populations, independence in clinical decision-making, and the simplest access to opportunities in telehealth — Wheel is the best way to work in virtual care.

The simple way to work in telehealth

Engage with as many virtual care companies as you want. One schedule. One contract. One telemedicine credentialing effort. Endless rewards.

Relentless protection, clinical independence

Protect your license, your patients, and your livelihood by working with meticulously vetted virtual care partners that meet the highest clinical and legal standards in virtual care.

Care for more patients from home

Design your clinical practice around your life, with diverse telemedicine opportunities for physicians, NPs, PAs, behavioral health specialists and more.


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